5 life lessons I learned from my Mum

To my Mum,

” No matter how many times we argue, how many times I don’t understand you, and how many times I get scolded by you,

I still think that-

You are the best and always be the greatest mom in the whole wide world.

Love always, 

Your stubborn child.” 

(Source: Pinterest)

Mum, this post is dedicated to you. A strong and wise woman, who always makes me feel better when I am down, who encourages me, who makes me stronger each day. Your life has not been easy, but I want you to know that you have a daughter who aspires to be just like you one day: strong, independent, fierce, beautiful, kind, gentle, intelligent and gifted. To all my readers, I hope this will be a small glimpse into the wisdom of an incredible woman, who’s experienced more loss than anyone I know, yet remained grounded and hopeful for a better future. She fought for everything she’s ever accomplished, and never gave up, even when she failed miserably. Mum, I love you, more than you’ll ever know. Thank you, for everything.

1. Strength

As I already mentioned, my Mum’s life was filled with unimaginable loss. It is a story, however,  that I do not feel entitled, or have the right to tell. However, I can say with utmost admiration that these tragedies made my mum the woman she is today, a humble, grounded, fierce, hard-working woman. Everyday, she displays to me what true strength means. When something bad happens, she is the first to pot a smile on her face and say: Cheer up, we are healthy and blessed. Everything could’ve gone so much worse. Be thankful. 

2. Work Hard

Because of the financial situation my grandma was in, my Mum and uncle decided to help out, and both chose to work instead of going to University. It was a hard decision, which my grandma did not support, but ultimately was final. Only years later, both of them, now their own families, realised they needed that diploma because their jobs paid too poorly for the amount of work they put in constantly. So at 41 years old, my courageous Mum applied for Business University. She graduated three years later, with incredible marks, and a better future for her, and her family. When I saw her with her graduation cap, walking towards the stage with a bright smile on her face, all I could do was clap my heart out while tears were flowing down my cheeks. I was so proud of her.

3. You are beautiful, inside and out

Though every parent views their child as the most beautiful human to ever have existed, that affirmation is sometimes just what a kid with low self esteem needs. My Mum always wanted me to know that I was beautiful. She constantly encouraged me to be as natural as possible, to find my own style, to own it; and to be myself without being ashamed.

4. Unconditional love 

This one is not just about Mum, but also about my Dad. The love they’ve given me is eternal, gentle and humbling. They teach me every single day what it means to love unconditionally. They love me as I am, imperfect, and sometimes damaged. They always believe in me, my strength, my talents and my choices in life. There isn’t a love out there that can measure to the one you receive from your own parents. I sometimes feel that I do not deserve it.

5. What being HUMBLE actually means

When I was little, my Mum and Dad had a bit of a financial problem. We were not poor by any means, but I am sure they sometimes struggled, especially since they were making sure my brother and I had everything we needed. Because of this, my Mum especially, wanted us to view everything we had as a blessing. She knew how hard it was out there, in the real world, so she taught us to appreciate the food we received, the toys we were gifted, and the roof we had on our heads. To this day I still use the values I learned from her.